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VinWizard - Winery Monitoring and Control System


WTM focuses on the development of precise monitoring and control systems marketed under the VinWizard name.    

VinWizard is a remotely accessible system providing winemakers with an integrated software and hardware solution to precisely manage wine ferments. It conveys two main benefits of efficiency and risk management. The system allows vintners to specify and enforce precise conditions for fermentation, maintain detailed records of inputs and outputs for subsequent analysis and clearly demonstrate label integrity. Efficiencies result from minimizing winery running costs through innovative monitoring and control of plant and machinery.

Since 1998 VinWizard has built a prestigious client base with installations in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Chile and China. A  combination of reliability, affordability and wide ranging functionality has earned the system a reputation few competitors can match over such a period of time.    

The package includes remotely accessible control software, probes to measure vessel temperature and fully built pre wired and QA tested weather resistant panels. These panels contain all components required to monitor and control the winery. Installation is as simple as mounting the panels and having your electrician perform the cabling. The system integrates with production software and is fully scalable.


Senior Winemaker St Clair: "The system Wine Tech is offering is really comprehensive. The  functionality is almost bullet proof, we've certainly had no failures at all."



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