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The VinWizard system has earned a reputation for reliability and superior functionality over many years in the most demanding international conditions.We are pleased to share feedback from winemakers around the world who are using the technology.

1. Arkenstone Vineyards: Howell Mountain, Napa, California

Sam Kaplan: Senior Winemaker

Extract from video: 

The reason that I decided to use the VinWizard control system was the fact that it has phenomenal controls. It uses a method of control that no other wineries in the Napa Valley are using. I’m able to see my tank temperatures and control my tanks and control my pumpovers from virtually anywhere in the world.

 It’s all about peace of mind. That is one of the main reasons why I went with VinWizard was for peace of mind. It’s great, great technology.


2. Mahi Wines: Marlborough, New Zealand

Brian Bicknell: Owner, Winemaker

The refrigeration control system is seriously good. I have used it since 1997 now, in a couple of different wineries, and have total confidence in it. I can honestly say that I would put it in again in any new winery we do.


3. Salena Estate: Loxton - South Australia

Chris Grigoriiou: General Mananger

Extract from Wine Industry Journal 2006:

Salena Estate Wines is impressed with the energy efficiency VinWizard has offered since installing the system prior to the 2004 vintage. Because of the accuracy that VinWizard provides, we have been able to add another 50 tanks over the past two years.

The cost savings and increase in energy efficiency have been "black and white". After a capital outlay of $80,000; $30,000 of which was for the refrigeration, the system has paid for itself over the first vintage. VinWizard's pumpover support program has seen incredible savings in human resources as it eliminated the need for the nine staff Selena Estate required to undertake the pumpover across three shifts per day."


4. Zorzal: Uco Valley, Tupungato, Province of Mendoza, Argentina

Juan Pablo Michelini: Winemaker

Extract from Dominion Post 2009:

Spending US$25,000 (NZ$39,150) to install the VinWizard system, designed by Marlborough company Wine Technology, has created options that his traditionalist family is struggling to comprehend.

"My father cannot believe what we are doing here," he said.

Zorzal uses just the temperature control function, which frees up Mr Michelini from the formidable task of continually monitoring wine tank temperatures throughout the two- to three-month fermentation period.


5. Hitching Post Winery, Buellton, California

Frank Ostini: Chief Winemaker

Once a year I get to play with your software at Terravant custom crush in Beuellton, CA, USA. I think it is an amazing system that allows me to mimic small lot ferments in large tanks.


6. St Clair Family Estate: Marlborough, New Zealand

Hamish Clark: Senior Winemaker

Extract from 2012 Press Release:

The system Wine Tech is offering is really comprehensive. The functionality is almost bullet proof, we've certainly had no failures at all."

 Hamish Clark, reports annual power savings of $24,000 by using the VinWizard load scheduling module. “Taking advantage of cheaper night power rates, we’re saving just over 2 Cents/KWh. While this may not sound like a lot it adds up quickly.”


7. Tantalus Vineyards: Okanagan Valley, Kelowna, Canada

David Paterson: Winemaker

Extract from Wines & Vines 2011 article :

Paterson is keen on the sophisticated VinWizard control.VinWizard tracks temperatures throughout the winery as well as in the tanks during fermentation. When a change in glycol is required, compressed air opens or closes solenoid valves that regulate glycol flow.

 “Very efficiently, I can have this at 16°F, which it is now; I can have the barrel hole at 19°F for malo and then drop it to 12°F once malo is finished. And I can keep the warehouse at a constant 12°-13°F all through VinWizard and all through just a little bit of compressed air and running two pumps that are pumping glycol around the building constantly,” he says, in a single breath that reflects the breadth of control VinWizard offers.

 Better yet, if anything goes wrong Paterson can lift a handset on the control panel and get technical support from VinWizard headquarters in New Zealand. “The fact that they give us such good technical support is fantastic,” he says. “I’m a winemaker, not an IT guy.”


8. Terravant: Buellton, Santa Ynez Valley, California

Extract from Wine Spectator's Harvest Blog:

We are letting the natural metabolic activity of the yeast do the heating, and we will temper it with glycol cooling as it rises in the 80's. Most systems are set to cool at a certain temperature, but we have a very sophisticated tank temperature control system called VinWizard. It allows us to set a cooling temperature that incrementally can increase or decrease over a set period of time. So in this situation, I set it to cool a little at 84, then again at 85, and again at 86, until it reaches 88. That is the maximum before it starts making the yeast sick and the ferment could stink and slow its finish to dryness.


9. Medhurst Wines: Yarra Valley, Australia

Matt Steel: Head Winemaker

Extract from The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker February 2011

The system has a large brine capacity which acts as a heat store and its control is linked to the VinWizard system so that any component (cool room, barrel hall, individual tanks, chiller set) or the whole system can be programmed to run during off-peak, reducing power costs and increasing exchange efficiency, he said.


10. Spring Mountain Winery: St Helena, Napa Valley, California

Extract from Spring Mountain 2011 Newsletter:

Also new in the cellar are two cutting edge systems–one for heating & cooling–the other a revolutionary fermentation program, aptly called VinWizard. VinWizard puts minute-by-minute control of fermentation temperatures and other winemaking processes at the winemaker’s fingertips via computer.

 Using both new technology and classic winemaking technique furthers our ability to produce the finest estate wines possible.





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