Sample photos showing
VinWizard panel locations.





VinWizard - Installation




Installation of VinWizard is not complicated !

All technical work is completed by us prior to components reaching the winery.


1.  Wine Technology Marlborough delivers to the winery:

  • Pre-installed VinWizard software

  • Fully configured pre-wired and QA tested panels

  • PT100 temperature probes

  • VinWizard pneumatic air valves (optional, but highly recommended)

2.  Winery responsibilities:

  • Connect the supplied VinWizard "Black Box" to the network

  • Mount panels at designated locations and run power to the panels

  • Run probe cable and 4mm airline (or low voltage cable) from tanks to panel

  • Run ethernet data cable between panels and back to computer network

3.  Resources required by the winery:

  • Electrician (your own staff could assist with running cables)

  • Staff with entry level computer skills


   Copyright 2003. Wine Technology Marlborough