1. Affordability
2. Web access
3. Failure intolerance
4. Scalability
5. Future proof
6. Accuracy
7. Installation simplicity
8. Functionality
9. Security
10. Entry levels
11. Reports & graphs

VinWizard - Design Consideration




1. Affordability

  • Our technology removes unnecessary programming and user licence costs inherent in many PLC based systems. The PLC has its place for specific purposes and VinWizard will interface to them. Wineries are sold expensive industry generic components often because this is all some consultants are aware of, and are comfortable with. The IOWizard modules used in the VinWizard system have proven themselves over many years in terms of reliability and functionality without the limitations imposed by the PLC. 

  • Simple and cost effective to expand. We simply send you additional panels and you mount them. Once the tanks are cabled to the panel by your electrician they automatically come on-line.

2. Anytime / anywhere web based infrastructure

  • The cost of one tank of wine means alerts must reach you wherever you are. Failure is unacceptable. You choose who you want to be notified and by what means (SMS, email, sirens, home dialler, flashing lights etc).

  • The winemaker is freed from the desk with VinWizard accessible from any internet enabled device around the winery, at home or overseas.

3. Failure intolerance

  • Processing intelligence is held on the IOWizard communication modules in the panels and not on the computer. This means if your computer system fails, your wine is not at risk.

  • The IOWizard communication modules are ISO9001 accredited and CE approved.

4. Scalability

  • There are no limits to the number of tanks or miscellaneous winery components that VinWizard can accommodate. Our client base extends from 16 tank boutique wineries up to 650 tank wineries.

  • No limit to the number of users that can access the system.

5. Future proof software architecture

  • Microsoft based technology and common protocols mean support will be available to you whether you choose to use us in the future or carry out your own development. This is not the case with many PLC based offerings. 

6. Accuracy of readings

  • The use of PT100 temperature probes is stipulated as opposed to cheaper products such as thermisters. PT100 probes allow calibration to within half a degree and the modules can compensate for any change in resistance of the cable. Life expectency is also significantly better.

7. Installation and support simplicity

  • As many wineries are located in remote rural regions and often have limited skilled resources available, the system has to be simple to install and simple to expand. It also has to be superior in terms of reliability.  By far the most common cause of problems over our 10 year history relate to simple electrical cabling issues and not the system itself. These problems can be easily diagnosed and fixed by any competent electrician.

8. Functionality

  • Each input on the IOWizard module is capable of reading any imaginable process including temperature, CO2, humidity, pressure, liquid flow, moisture, current, voltage, gas detection, motion, resistance etc. The system interfaces with leading winery production databases and has the ability to talk to most PLC's and refrigeration units.  The web based architecture means every aspect of the winery can be observed and managed from wherever you are and the open nature of the software means other developers can easily dovetail into it.     

9. Security

  • The system is password secure and provides for user definable access levels. You control who you want to perform key tasks. Audit tracking functionality is also provided.

10. Multpile entry points

  • Entry Level and Enterprise versions are available to cater for the smallest winery to the largest multi-site enterprise.

11. Reports, graphs and data analysis

  • Data is stored in an SQL database allowing vintage by vintage analysis. This helps the winery learn from past procedures and repeat successes. A wide range of reports are provided and data can be easily downloaded to spreadsheets for further analysis. Data is also provided in graphical display format for instant trend identification.


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